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CD-ресивер T+A Music Receiver

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CD-ресивер T+A Music Receiver

мощность усилителя 160 Вт;воспроизведение MP3;проигрывание с USB-накопителя;цифровой коаксиальный выход;вес 10 кг


Sony STR-GX909ES Receiver and CDP-C701ES CD Player CD-ресивер T+A Music Receiver

May 10, 2016 · Vorstellung des T+A Multi Source Receiver R 1000 E von Entwicklungsleiter Lothar Wiemann auf der End 2016 in München. (Videosprache: Englisch)
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CD-ресивер T+A Music Receiver

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View and Download Pioneer X-HM51 operating manual online. CD-Receiver | Receptor de CD | CD-Ресивер.

CD-ресивер T+A Music Receiver

Listen to music on the unit from a.
Musical M6 Encore 225 review: a capable all-in-one that packs wide range of features and plenty of power. Needs a bit of though – read the review at What Hi-Fi?

CD-ресивер T+A Music Receiver

Подробная информация о CD ресивере T+A Music Receiver, купить CD ресивер T+A Music Receiver. Доставка всей России, салоны в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге. Тел. (495) 268-04-68, (812) 318-72-40.

T+A Music Receiver: streaming on the grand scale | booksarchive.ru

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USB Bluetooth music receiver - распаковка и тест

Also for: Mcr-040, Crx-040, Crx-140, Ns-bp80.
caution to prevent the risk of electric shock, not remove cover (or back). no user-serviceable parts inside.

refer servicing to qualified service personnel.

CD-ресивер T+A Music Receiver

CD ресивер с сетевым функционалом, FM/AM тюнер, поддержка голосового управления (Alexa), HEOS, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth и USB, тюнер AM/FM, двухполосные АС, входы: 2 оптических, линейный, USB, габариты 280 х 108 305 мм.

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CD-ресивер T+A Music Receiver

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CD ресивер T+A Цена 285515 руб. Фирма:T+A Артикул:Music Receiver Black Универсальный CD-ресивер класса High End с цифровыми входами и сетевым функционалом, мощность 2 х 100 Вт (8 Ом), 32-битный ЦАП Burr-Brown PCM1795, DLNA, поддержка FLAC 24/192, FM-тюнер, входы: 3.

March 2012 Remember the Handy Housewife Helper, that all-in-one kitchen gadget from "Better Living through TV," a 1955 episode of The Honeymooners?
As part of their latest get-rich-quick scheme, Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton make a commercial hawking the device as "the chef of the future," claiming that it will open cans, uncork bottles, core apples, scale fish, drive screws, cut glass, sharpen scissors, even remove corns from feet.
How did it work in practice?
Well, not so great, at least for a very nervous, camera-shy Ralph.
Many audiophiles forget that high-end home audio did not begin with such all-in-one components.
Only later did manufacturers begin producing multifunction components such as the integrated amplifier and the receiver.
As time went on, many audiophiles shunned such integrated components.
Indeed, in recent years there has been a resurgence of integrated audiophile products.
The Music Receiver could very well be the poster boy of integration: its single box provides an astonishing number of features, controls, and connectivity options.
Founded in 1978, T+A Elektroakustik, a manufacturer of speakers and electronics, takes its initials from "Theory and Application in Electroacoustics," and is highly respected in its home country, Germany, for its engineering expertise.
In fact, T+A claims it was the first manufacturer anywhere to introduce a number of audio advances, including: a high-end component with RS-232 control; a fully digital loudspeaker room compensation, frequency and phase linearization and a low-end optical feedback system; and a CD player with reverse clock and switchable filters.
But despite such formidable credentials, T+A remains приведенная ссылка unknown in North America.
This may soon change; the company is now aggressively targeting this market.
I was eager to find out whether the E-Series Music Receiver would prove the audio equivalent of the Handy Housewife Адрес страницы, or an engineering triumph that would satisfy picky high-end ears.
Can it core an apple?
As listed above, the T+A E-Series Music Receiver offers the latest and greatest options in digital sources.
While it has no internal storage capacity, its Streaming Client board lets it receive digital music files from such USB storage devices Накопительный электрический водонагреватель EWH Digital 2 H iPods, thumb drives, and external hard drives.
The Streaming Client lets you stream these files, Internet Radio, and data from such Universal Plug and Play UPnP devices as computers or нажмите чтобы прочитать больше music servers, over a wired or wireless LAN.
Accessing digital files is easy.
The information displayed for these files includes the artist, album, track name, and bit rate.
You can search for Internet Radio stations directly using the Music Receiver, or use the VTuner radio service a complimentary subscription is included.
VTuner stores a large number of Internet Radio stations and classifies them by format, location, and language.
You can filter the stations by name, stream speed sound qualityreliability, and popularity, and tag them as favorites either directly through the Music Streamer or via your computer and LAN.
When I checked, VTuner made available almost 18,880 stations and 10,700 podcasts.
The Receiver plays CDs, and has an FM tuner with presets.
The tuner is equipped with a Radio Data System RDS decoder that, like the Internet Radio function, displays the radio основываясь на этих данных name, musical genre, artist, album, and song being played.
There are separate power supplies for the analog and circuits, and an oversized toroidal transformer.
According to T+A, this affords higher dynamic range and less distortion than digital preamps.
There are three analog inputs: connectors for a tape loop, phono stage, and https://booksarchive.ru/100/avtomobilnaya-akustika-kenwood-kfc-4625c.html />Each chip contains two DACs configured in a "double-mono" symmetrically balanced configuration.
According tothe Music Receiver uses a multistage reclocking system to virtually eliminate jitter.
Supported file formats include MP3, FLAC, and WAV, but not AIFF.
The DAC has two types of digital filters.
One of these is a standard FIR long filter, which the manual states has a "linear frequency response, very high damping linear phase characteristics and constant group delays.
Per the manual, this has a slightly less accurate frequency response посмотреть еще the standard filter, but also less digital ringing, as well as excellent timing, dynamics, and imaging.
The coaxial and optical inputs permit the DAC to connect to and improve the sound quality of a multitude of media devices, such as a television satellite receiver or cable box, and servers and streaming devices such as Apple TVs, Sonos music systems, and Logitech Squeezeboxes.
It also has two subwoofer outputs, and a headphone mini-jack output powered by a dedicated amplifier.
Included are a remote control, a W-LAN aerial, an FM antenna, and an iPod lead.
The remote is nothing to e-mail home about.
Fortunately, it worked well.
The Music Receiver measures 17.
The top, front, and bottom of its vibration-resistant case are of aluminum, its side panels a thick molded plastic.
Black and silver finishes are available for the case and side panels, and can be mixed or matched.
Say goodbye to your interconnects and USB cable!
My first task in setting up the Music Receiver was to find an appropriate pair of speaker cables.
I at first used the T+A with its stock power cord, but wound up using a Synergistic Tesla T3 cord for the of the review.
I also used the T+A with and without my Synergistic Powercell 10SE line conditioner.
As I neared it, however, its impeccably shaped metalwork, which includes beautifully rounded edges, was revealed.
In addition to showing such CD data as track number and time elapsed, the display has large, very cool bars to graphically indicate volume and track progression.
All told, no one who gives the Music Receiver more than a passing glance will mistake it for a mass-market model.
Initial setup required only that I activate and, if I liked, name external sources, then set the speaker size Satellite or Full Rangedisplay brightness, and language.
The default settings for these settings worked fine for me.
I did most of my listening using the FIR short filter, which I found sounded slightly more natural than the long filter.
I first listened to CDs and FM radio.
I selected USB, and the Streaming Client immediately connected to my external storage devices an external USB drive and a USB stickand my digital files were listed on the display.
As I scrolled through the files, I saved some as favorites.
Having no UPnP devices that I wanted to connect to the T+A, I moved on to Жмите Radio via the Streaming Client board.
Again, I was surprised to find how easy setup was.
The Music Receiver immediately displayed my local Wi-Fi signal, and I entered my password.
At that point I was confronted with numerous ways to find stations I wanted to hear.
Choose a path to find a station you want to listen to; to find something else, retrace your steps, then head in a new direction.
Of course, you can also call up a station manually.
I saved some Internet stations as favorites.
Eventually, I took advantage of the VTuner service.
читать больше also had to input my e-mail address and create a password on the site.
I was now at the VTuner main screen, where I could search for and sort stations by the criteria noted above.
I listened to many stations on my computer and stored some as favorites; these then appeared near the top of my computer screen in one or more groups, with names that I designated.
That done, my favorites were instantly and wirelessly transferred to the Music Receiver.
Sharp as a knife The T+A Music Receiver was utterly neutral tone.
It also sounded clean, transparent, and detailed.
But there were other surprises in store.
Even so, the T+A neither stripped away the life of the music nor exhibited substantial digital artifacts.
What T+A has done in the Music Receiver is tailor the pulse lengths, and thus the distortion spectrum, to something typically found in tube amps.
Manousselis also explained that, unlike most switch-mode amplifiers, the Music Receiver uses a magnetically shielded toroidal rather than a switch-mode power supply.
These facts might explain why the T+A exhibited transparency and detail without sounding sterile oras many switching amps can.
The Music Receiver was also significantly quieter than I had anticipated.
I knew that the Music Receiver has certain features e.
In other critical listening with CDs and digital files, the Music Receiver was a joy.
With these and other recordings, the T+A provided well-focused images, a large and slightly forward soundstage, crisp transients, and a respectably diverse palette of tonal colors.
With a number of recordings, however, the T+A sounded excessively sibilant.
Even FM radio sounded great.
What I found was that the quality of the radio stations I listened to was largely dependent on the bit rate available.
I experienced an occasional Wi-Fi dropout, but that happens with any wireless streamer.
Do you like ambient, Chicago soul, dub house, 1950s doo-wop, nu jazz, ragtime, or ska punk?
Or do you like listening to comedy, news, religious, or political stations?
How about a station from Tauranga, New Zealand, or Jeju, South Korea?
It certainly has for me.
Chef of the future -- and the past The T+A Elektroakoustik E-Series Music Receiver is a chef of the future that will propel you into the new digital age of computer and streaming Internet audio.
Many products claim to do it all.
The E-Series Music Receiver actually does.
Warranty: Three years parts and labor.
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