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Norris, Roy, Thomson, Hilary New Ready for FCE TB

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Norris, Roy, Thomson, Hilary New Ready for FCE TB

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New Ready 5 Fce: Audio CD [Roy Norris] on Amazon.com.

Norris, Roy, Thomson, Hilary New Ready for FCE TB

*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 5 /> Ready for FCE is a comprehensive course which offers thorough preparation for the Cambridge First Certificate in English examination. The Student's Book is made up of 15 motivating topic-based units with end of unit review sections to reinforce the material.

Norris, Roy, Thomson, Hilary New Ready for FCE TB

*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.
Buy New 5 for FCE: Class Audio CDs 2nd edition by Roy Norris (ISBN: 9780230027640) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

https://booksarchive.ru/100/elektrodi-dlya-ruchnoy-dugovoy-svarki-esab-ok-nife-ci-ok-9260-25mm-08kg.html /> Ready for First.

The best 5 coursebook is Ready for First by 5 Norris.

Books and Apps — FCE Exam Tips

(It 5 to be called Ready for FCE but Cambridge changed the name of the exam.) It teaches 5 the grammar and vocabulary you need, 5 the exercises are formatted 5 the same as in the exam.

That means you're getting exam practice while you're learning English.

Norris, Roy, Thomson, Hilary New Ready for FCE TB

Start studying 5 for Fce unit 5. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

The Slogan 1989 - PDF Free Download

Ready for FCE is the new, third edition of our popular FCE preparation course aimed at young adult students training for 5 Cambridge FCE exam. All four skills are systematically developed and practised in each unit, while in-depth exam training is given in the form of regular 'What to expect in the exam' and 'How to go about it' help boxes.

May 27, 2015 · Introduction 4 Welcome to Ready for First, a course which is 5 to help you prepare for the Cambridge English: First examination, also known as First Certificate in English (FCE). This book contains 5 wide range of activities aimed at improving your English and developing the language and skills which you will need to pass the examination.

6 Things to Know Before Completing an FCE September 13, 2016 9:44 am by Matt Weirich 10 Comments If you have filed a workers’ compensation claim, you may be asked to 5 in a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) during your recovery process.

Norris, Roy, Thomson, Hilary New Ready for FCE TB

New Headway Elementary - Unit 3 - Part 2. 60 terms. New Headway Elementary - Unit 3 - Part 1. THIS SET IS OFTEN IN 5 WITH.

The Slogan 1989 - PDF Free Download

92 terms. Ready for FCE - Unit 1.

Norris, Roy, Thomson, Hilary New Ready for FCE TB

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This book contains a wide range of activities aimed at improving your English and developing the language and skills which you will need to pass the examination.
As well as providing relevant practice in reading, writing, listening and speaking, each unit of Ready for First includes one or more Language focus sections, which revise the main grammar areas, together with Vocabulary slots which will help you to increase your word store.
A significant feature of the Use of English syllabus in the book is the systematic approach to Word formation.
At 5 intervals you will find special sections which focus on the most important aspects of word building, ensuring that you are properly prepared for this part of the examination.
There are also sections, in Units 7, 10 and 13, devoted to the important skill of paraphrasing and recording new vocabulary.
At the end of every unit there is a two-page Review section, which enables you to revise and practise the new language you have encountered in the unit.
Throughout the book you will find the following boxes, which are designed to help you when performing the different tasks: What to expect in the exam: these contain useful information on what you should be prepared to see, hear or do in a particular task in the examination.
How to go about it: these give advice and guidelines on how to deal with different task types and specific questions.
Useful language: these contain vocabulary and structures which can be used when doing a specific writing or speaking activity.
These are situated at regular intervals in the book and can be used at appropriate moments during the course.
The Ready for Writing unit contains model answers for each of the main task types, together with advice, useful language and further writing tasks for you to complete.
At the end of the book you will find detailed explanations of the grammar areas seen in the units in the Grammar reference, together with a topic- based Wordlist and the Listening scripts.
Overview of the Examination The Cambridge English: First examination consists of four papers, as shown below.
The Writing, Listening and Speaking papers each carry 20% of the total marks; the Reading and Use of English paper carries 40% 20% for the Читать tasks and 20% for the Use of English tasks.
A low mark in one paper does not necessarily mean a candidate will fail the examination; it is the overall mark which counts.
Reading and Use of English 1 hour 15 minutes There are seven parts to this paper: Parts 1 to 4 are grammar and vocabulary tasks; Parts 5 to 7 are reading tasks.
For the Use of English tasks, each correct answer in Parts 1 to 3 receives one mark; each question in Part 4 carries up to two marks.
For the reading tasks, each correct answer in Parts 5 and 6 receives two marks, and there is one mark for each question in Part 7.
For more information on this paper, see the Ready for Use of English unit on pages 42 to 45 and the Ready for Reading unit on pages 82 to 87, as well as the relevant sections in the main units of the book.
Part Task Type Number of questions Task Format 1 Multiple-choice cloze 8 A text with 8 gaps; there is a choice of 4 answers for each gap.
The task is to complete each gap with the correct form of a given word.
Candidates replace each of these in the appropriate part of the https://booksarchive.ru/100/kraska-dlya-sbornih-modeley-tamiya-85067-ts-67-ijn-gray-flat-sasebo-arsenal-100-ml-spray-seriy-mat.html />Part 1 is compulsory, so must be answered by all candidates, whereas in Part 2 candidates choose one from three tasks.
You are required to write between 140 and 190 words for each part.
For more information and advice on the questions in this paper, see the Ready for Writing 5 on pages 192 to 201, 5 well as the relevant sections in the main units of the book.
Part Task Type Number of Tasks Task Format 1 Essay 1 compulsory Candidates are given an essay title and notes to guide their writing.
Listening about 40 minutes This paper https://booksarchive.ru/100/statsionarniy-blender-philips-hr2195-avance-collection.html of four parts with a total of 30 questions, each of which carries one mark.
Each part contains one or more recorded texts, which are heard twice.
Candidates are tested on their ability to understand, for example, opinions, gist, the main points or specific information.
For more information on this paper, see the 5 for Listening unit on pages 124 to 127, as well as the relevant sections in the main units of the book.
Part Task Type Number of Questions Task Format 1 Multiple choice 8 Short unrelated extracts of approximately 30 seconds each with one or more speakers.
There are 3 options for each question.
Candidates write a word or short phrase to complete sentences.
The extracts are all related to a common theme.
Candidates match extracts with prompts.
There are 3 options for each question.
Speaking 14 minutes There are four parts to this paper.
There are usually two candidates and two examiners.
Candidates are given marks for range and correct use of grammar and vocabulary, pronunciation, discourse management the ability to organize language and produce extended responses and interactive communication.
For more information on this paper, see the Ready for Speaking unit on pages 164 to 167, as well as the relevant sections in the main units of the book.
Part Task Type Time Task Format 1 Interview 2 minutes Candidates give personal information in response to questions from the interviewer.
Candidates speak for about 3 minutes in total; the giving of instructions takes about 1 minute.
Collocations are pairs or groups of words that are often used together.
Compare your adjectives with your partner, explaining your choices.
Example: I have quite a healthy lifestyle at the moment.
As in other parts of this book, common collocations are shown in bold.
What kinds of things do ссылка do?
How would you describe the way of life in your country to a foreigner?
In what ways, if any, was the traditional way of life in your country better?
Do they interest you?
They show people who have different lifestyles.
Before you do the speaking task, read the information in the boxes below.
Student A Compare photographs 1 and 2 and say what you think the people might find difficult about their lifestyles.
Student B When your partner has finished, say which lifestyle you would prefer to lead.
Follow the instructions above using photographs 3 and 4.
He probably spends a узнать больше time away from home.
I doubt that she has much time for a social life.
Lifestyle 1 Farm vet Взято отсюда What might the people find difficult about their lifestyles?
For questions 1—10, choose from the people A—D.
The people may be chosen more than once.
To help you, one part of section A has been underlined.
Match this part to one of the questions.
Then look in the rest of section A for any more answers.
Underline the relevant parts of the text as you answer the questions.
Which person admits to having an untidy house?
This is your life Four more personal accounts in our series on different lifestyles A Colin Dobson: television and stage actor Normally I get out of bed around midday.
My wife and two sons are also actors, so at home there are usually scripts lying all over the place.
After a performance I eat and spend 5 few hours unwinding, so bedtime is often two or three in the morning.
I always fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.
But being a vet — any type of vet — is not what people think.
We have to do some pretty unpleasant things sometimes, things which would put you off working with animals for life.
On the plus side, though, I get to meet lots of people: there are the museum visitors that come into the workshop every day to watch me working, the other craftspeople — the broom maker, the blacksmith or the glassblower — and I also give classes.
Working at home was a solitary business and I hated the fact that I would often go for days without speaking to anyone.
I get lots of requests for personalized mugs, and evenings are spent packaging up orders to send out the next day.
I often get to bed later than I would like.
We work hard — 5 hours on, six hours off, six hours on, six hours off — every day for seven weeks.
Reacting to the text If you had to choose, which of the four people would you prefer to change places with for a month?
Look at the Grammar reference on page 209 to see how tend to is used.
They can earn much more money playing for foreign clubs.
B Frequency adverbs 1 a Look at the following extracts from the reading text.
In what position is the frequency adverb placed in relation to the verb?
At home there are usually scripts lying all over the place.
I always get to the theatre at the last minute.
Cross out the two incorrectly placed adverbs.
Check your ideas in the Grammar reference on page 209.
If it is not possible, correct the sentence.
Use frequency adverbs and the alternatives in the Grammar reference on page 209.
C Used to and would 1 Used to and would can be used to talk about past habits.
Look at these sentences from the reading text and answer the question.
Check your ideas on page 209 of the Grammar reference.
She often 2 worked long hours and sometimes 3 went away on business trips for two or three days at a time.
Then one day she 8 announced she was giving up her job to spend more time with her family.
Write about things which have changed.
The first one has been done for you.
Check your answers on pages 8 and 9.
Example: a have the opportunity to meet 2 The following sentences all contain phrasal verbs or expressions with get.
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20 int. & 16 ext.

Norris, Roy, Thomson, Hilary New Ready for FCE TB

4X QDR connections (40 Gbps) the correct alternative.
There is an example at the beginning 0.
Your bus leaves in five minutes.
How long does it take you to get there?
What was the worst thing you ever did?
How quickly do you get over your anger?
Which of them can you match to the photographs?
For questions 1—5, match the speaker to the correct occasion in the list A—H on page 13.
Use the letters only once.
There are three extra letters which you do not need to use.
Before you do the task … Prediction 1 Match each of the people in the box to the appropriate occasion A—H in the listening task on page 13.
More than one word may be used for each occasion and some words may be used twice.
A wedding: guest, witness What other people might you also find in each of the situations?
At a wedding the people who get married are the bride and groom.
A wedding usually takes place in a church or a registry office.
If I was going to a wedding, I would buy an expensive dress.
I would probably wear high- heeled shoes.
Now you are ready to do the task.
Language focus 2: Be used to, get used to and used to 1 Look at the following sentences from the listening.
Check your answers on page 209 of the Grammar reference.
Ignore the gaps for 5 moment.
How many of the things which you spoke about in a are mentioned?
Most shops in Spain close at eight or nine in the evening.
In the first gap write either be, is, get, or leave it blank.
In the second gap write the correct form of the verb in brackets.
There is an example at the beginning 0.
Use this time to try to predict some of the ideas and language you might hear, as you did on page 12.
Pay close attention both times you hear the recording.
What two things does he ask you to tell him?
The new house sounds brilliant — how are you settling in?
Example: Paragraph 1: To say thank you for the letter and to apologize for not writing before.
Which three phrases cannot be used and why are they inappropriate?
These are typical of informal writing.
Then use an appropriate linker from the box to complete the gaps in sentences 1—5 on page 15.
Each linker can be used more than once.
Six months ago you moved to a new house in another part of your country.
You should also say whether or Рюкзак JBP-1901-971, темно-синий/синий/белый, L you can accept his invitation to go and stay on his farm in the summer.
Write your letter in 140—190 words.
For questions 1—8, choose the best answer A, B or C.
You hear each one twice.
Listen carefully both times to the whole of each extract.
What does the woman say about the friend?
A He talks a lot about his lifestyle.
B He leads a comfortable lifestyle.
C He may change his lifestyle.
Why is he phoning?
What is she going to do?
A ask someone to help her B try to find a job C sell something valuable 4 You overhear a man and a woman talking about their morning routine.
How does the man feel about his mornings?
A He hates travelling to work.
B He does not like getting up early.
C He finds it difficult to talk to other people.
What surprised her about the people?
A the importance they give to clothes B the type of food they eat C their attitude to work 6 You turn on the radio and hear the following.
A a review B a news report C an advertisement 7 You hear two people talking about the village they both live in.
What does the woman think источник статьи the village?
A People are not always very friendly.
B Some of the roads are dangerous.
C There are not enough children.
Who is the man?
Do not change the word given.
You must use between two and five words, including the word given.
Here is an example 0.
TAKE How long DID IT TAKE YOU TO get from London to Manchester?
Write the missing words IN CAPITAL LETTERS.
In the transformations below, all the language which is tested appears in Unit 1, including the Grammar reference on page 209.
In number 1 below, for example, consider: — the verb and preposition used with the word rid.
Vocabulary A Adjectives For questions 1—6, decide which of the three words is not normally used with the word in capitals at the end of the line.
The first one has been done for you.
C People Each of the words for people 1—6 has a relationship of some kind with one of the words a—f.
Match the words and then use them to complete the sentences below.
You may need to use plural forms.
Writing Write a short article of 140—190 words about your lifestyle.
Use texts A—D in the article on pages 8 and 9 as models.
Include some of the vocabulary and grammatical structures you have studied in this unit.
Talk with your partner about how much you think you would enjoy each of the shows, giving reasons.
Then agree on one show which you could both see together.
But Pagagnini is more than just a concert: the musicians dance, laugh, cry and generally clown around in one of the most original comedy acts of the moment.
Rhythm of the Dance This two-hour dance and music extravaganza contains a wealth of Irish talent.
The show relives the journey of the Irish Celts throughout history, combining traditional dance and music with the most up-to-date stage technology.
Vocabulary 1: Music 1 a How many of the musical instruments in the photographs can you name?
Write an appropriate word from the box in each of the gaps.
There is an example at the beginning 0.
Then cover the exercise.
How many word combinations can you remember?
You are on the organizing committee for a local charity and you want to raise money.
Here are some events which have been suggested.
Then decide which two events would raise the most money.
You will hear a radio presenter called Jim Dunne talking about local entertainment options.
For questions 1—10, complete the sentences.
Question 1: You read: Jim recommends Pagagnini to … You hear: I can guarantee … will enjoy watching these four guys.
In question 2 below you will hear the names of two places mentioned.
Listen carefully to ensure you choose the right one.
Example: 1 This is probably a person or a group of people.
Jim recommends Pagagnini to the 1.
Jim saw a Pagagnini concert last year in 2.
As well as classical music, Pagagnini play rock, blues and 3.
Jim says the Pagagnini show has no 4.
The first performance of Rhythm of the Dance was in 5.
Jim suggests listeners look at the section entitled 7.
The name of the first show that the Cirque Éloize performed at the Regent Theatre was 8.
Some performers in iD appear on 9.
One review of iD says it is full of originality, energy and 10.
High energy 2 Cirque Éloize — iD Sixteen artists on stage, thirteen circus disciplines, and a world of urban dances such as breakdance and hip- hop.
Jeannot Painchaud Director Tap Dogs Tap Dogs are currently taking the world by storm with their tap show that combines the strength and power of workmen with the precision and talent of tap dancing.
Rewrite them to make them indirect.
If possible, choose a different phrase from the box to begin each one.
Indirect: Could you tell me what time the Pagagnini concert starts?
Asking questions in a more indirect way, using expressions such as Could you tell me, can make them sound more polite.
How are the main verbs start and call affected?
Check your ideas on page 209 of the Grammar reference.
Student B: Write six indirect questions which you could ask a member of 5 Éloize.
Letter of application 1 a Read the following Writing Part 2 instructions.
You see the following advertisement in your local English-language newspaper: Part 2 Writing 1 Write your letter of application.
Ignore the words and expressions in bold 1—10 and answer the following question.
Do you think the applicant would be suitable for the job which is advertised?
Give reasons for your answer.
Write to the director, Paul Beacon, and explain why you would be a suitable person for the job.
Replace each one with a formal alternative from the box below.
Example: 1 Mr Beacon I have no experience I would like to apply I feel I look forward to hearing I have seen well-suited to I have also been по этому адресу Mr 5 a number I would love to have the opportunity to 3 Which linking words does Sandra use in her letter.
Example: Paragraph 1: Her reason for writing 5 Read the How to go about it box on page 202 before you do the following Writing Part 2 task.
You see the following advertisement in your local English-language newspaper: ARE YOU A MUSIC FAN?
We require English-speaking узнать больше здесь to help at a four-day international pop and rock music festival aimed at raising money for charity.
Write to Paul Groves at Music for Life explaining why you would be suitable as a volunteer.
Write your letter of application in 140—190 words.
I am https://booksarchive.ru/100/zapasnaya-chast-ist-5210770000.html twenty-year-old music student in my second year at university and can play several instruments, including piano, violin and clarinet.
Look at the photographs, which show men and women playing rugby, and discuss the following questions.
How much do you know about rugby?
What are some of the rules of the game?
Are any of your ideas from exercise 1 mentioned?
Choose from the sentences A—G the one which fits each gap 1—6.
There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.
To help you do this, some words and phrases are written in bold.
These show connections between the language in the text and the language in the missing sentences.
A number of grammatical words such as them, this and these are written in italics to show further connections.
Note: these connections are not shown in the First examination.
The words in bold before and after the gap indicate that the missing sentence: a refers back to the words uncomplicated and get points b refers forward to the different ways of getting points.
When you think you have found the sentence, read the whole paragraph again to check that it fits.
Do not choose a sentence simply because it contains a word which also appears in the base text.
For example, the word obstacles, before gap number 2, is repeated in sentence G, but this does not necessarily mean that G is the correct answer.
Learn the rules and you will be unable to resist it.
Rugby is a game of 40-minute halves with the most uncomplicated of objectives — to get more points than your opponent.
There is also the law that says the ball can only be passed backwards.
Each team is made up of eight forwards and seven backs.
The job of the forwards is to get the ball for the quicker, lighter backs to score.
Rugby is rather like chess: chess pieces have special functions, in the same way that rugby players have specific tasks to perform.
Within these roles they both employ various moves to get to the other side.
For example, if the backs keep passing along the line they will eventually run into problems, as the last player has no one else to pass to, and no space to run in.
There are tactics like miss-moves missing someone out in the line so that a defending player runs the wrong way and leaves a gap and dummies pretending to pass so the opposition runs the wrong way.
Annick Goutal Un Matin dOrage туалетная вода 100 мл тестер is, after all, just a game.
A The point at which rugby becomes much more fun than a board game is in its team dynamics.
B However, this complexity in the rules of rugby does not make the game any less exciting to play, or indeed, to watch.
C The 5 of scoring are equally simple.
E These strategies are both ways of tricking the opposition into opening up a gap in посетить страницу defence for you to run through before you run out 5 space.
F One such difficulty is that the opposing team can physically stop you from scoring.
G Now we know the aim of playing rugby, and the nature of the obstacles that stand in the way, we need to look at how to deal with these obstacles.
Reacting to the text Would you be interested in watching or playing rugby?
Are there any sports you have not played but would like to try out?
If so, which one s?
For each one, explain why a gerund, an infinitive without to, or an infinitive with to is used.
Example: a to make: the infinitive with to is used to express purpose, the reason why something is done.
Complete each of the following sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets.
One verb in each sentence will be a gerund, the other an infinitive with to.
Underline the correct alternatives in the following sentences.
In some sentences more than one alternative is correct.
Read the Grammar reference on pages 209—10 and check your answers.
They are all 5 followed by the gerund.
Write each verb in an appropriate place on the line below according to the strength of its meaning.
Study the following table and complete each space with a preposition from the box.
The first one has been done for you.
Examples: Preposition + gerund: I never get excited about going to the cinema.
Verb + gerund: I quite like listening to jazz.
Gerund as subject: Collecting postcards is one of my favourite pastimes.
B: How often do you go?
A: I tend to go once every two weeks or so.
B: And what are your favourite films?
I get bored very easily if there are lots of deaths.
You may be asked to talk about your interests in Part 1 of the Speaking test.
Make sure you develop your answers, explaining and justifying your opinions.
Write the name of each sport next to the verb which it is used with.
The first one has been done for you.
The first one has been done for you.
Student A Choose a sport and explain the rules to your partner.
Ask your partner any questions that are necessary to help you fully understand the rules.
When you have finished, change roles.
What do you think contestants have to do in each one?
For questions 1—7, choose the best answer A, B or C.
The underlined sections contain words which are the same or similar to words in all three of the possible answers A, B and C.
Only one of these sections matches an answer; the others are distractors.
Decide which is the correct answer and say why the others are incorrect.
Now you may think this is just a bit of fun, but 5 I watched two men competing in a televised match last year, I was amazed by their level of skill in each of these two very different disciplines.
In question 2, all three statements are true but only one is something that Mike finds it difficult to believe.
B how much fun the competitors were having.
C how aggressive the competitors were.
B a high level of fitness is not required to play it.
C it is an exciting sport to watch.
A Male competitors must not be over a certain weight.
B The name of the sport is not entirely appropriate.
C The sport has a lot of complicated rules.
A They are not suitable for young children.
B They should not really be called sports.
C They are not worth taking seriously.
A They apply what they learn from international competitions.
B They have arranged a number of events in schools.
C They made a request which was rejected.
A They are very surprising.
B They deserve more recognition.
C They are unlikely to be repeated.
A He was injured.
B He lost interest.
посетить страницу источник He had no time.
Do you have any strange sports in your country?
What do the competitors do?
Paragraph 1: What is your favourite sport?
What is special about it?
Paragraph 2: Why do you like it?
What are the benefits of doing it?
Paragraph 3: What advice can you give to people who want to take it up?
Are any special qualities, equipment or clothes needed?
Paragraph 4: What final encouragement can you give?
Word formation: Affixes 1 Add an appropriate suffix, -or, -er or -ant, to each of the verbs in the box to form nouns for the people who perform these actions.
You may need to make further spelling changes to the verbs.
Example: win — winner win box play spectate compete participate listen organize run ride contest Check your answers in the listening script on pages 223—4.
Use the same suffix for both words in each pair.
You may need to make further spelling changes.
The first one has been done for you.
You have just seen this advertisement.
Write your article in 140—190 words.
We are looking https://booksarchive.ru/100/mv-100-kvs-reshetka-s-vhodom.html short articles answering these questions and we will publish some of the best articles next month.
I only paid £50 for them.
Leave a space in each sentence where the word should be and ask another student to complete them.
Word formation For questions 1—8, read the text below.
Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.
There is an example at the beginning 0.
Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS.
The slopes get crowded very quickly.
Vocabulary A Sport Complete each gap with a suitable word.
B Music Complete each of the gaps below with an appropriate word combination from page 18 of this unit.
You may need to use nouns in the plural.
There is an example at the beginning 0.
UK SUMMER CAMPSHelpers required to work on one ofour UK Summer Camps.
Write your letter of application in 140—190 words.
I like being with children very much and I would certainly enjoy the challenge of working with them on one of your camps.
Moreover, I have just finished school and in October I will be starting a degree course in English.
I am therefore very keen to improve my language skills in an English- speaking country before I go to university.
There are a number of activities I could organize for the children.
My interests include basketball, tennis and orienteering, and I also play the guitar and compose my own songs.
For the past seven years I have attended summer camps in my country with the scouts, and last year I helped to run a number of events, including an orienteering competition and a kite-making workshop.
I feel I have the necessary patience and energy to make a positive and enthusiastic contribution to your camps and I hope you will consider my application favourably.
I look forward to hearing from you.
I spent two months working as a kitchen assistant.
I feel I have the necessary patience and energy for the job.
I am confident I would be well suited to the job.
Closing remarks I hope you will consider my application.
Task You have seen this advertisement in an international magazine.
Applicants must have a reasonable command of English and be willing to work long hours.
Write to the director, Mr Peabody, and explain why you would be suitable for the job.
Write your letter of application in 140—190 words.
Find examples of the following: a contractions: e.
Read the How to go about it box on the same page before you begin to write.
Unit 11 Language focus 2: Conditionals, page 144 Student A 1 In 1—4 below you are given the second half of four sentences.
For each one write three possible beginnings.
Unit 12 Language focus 4: Reporting verbs, page 157 Student A 1 Tell each other your problems see below and give each other suggestions and advice.
I spend six hours a day on it.
Example: I told Ana I was finding it difficult to sleep at night, and she suggested I should stop eating cheese in the evening.
Decide how you are going to answer each of the three questions in the advertisement and make notes.
Consider also why you would be Тяга рулевая polo and amp /fox 04/05- and amp skoda 12/99- and amp /room. as a volunteer.
Remember that you can invent information.
In addition to an introductory paragraph, you could write one paragraph for each of the three questions in the advertisement.
Read more about writing letters of application on pages 198 and 199.
Unit 2 Writing 2: Part 2 Article, page 27 1 Read this model answer to the writing question здесь page 27 and answer the questions below.
A strange way to enjoy yourself 1 Have you ever seen a smile on the face of a long-distance runner?
I can think my problems through and at the end of the race I have the answers.
And simply completing a half or full marathon increases my confidence and makes me feel on top of the world.
You should set yourself realistic targets and always do warm-up exercises before you run.
Also, make sure you buy a good pair of running shoes to protect your knees and back from injury.
Frequency adverbs can be used for emphasis and are placed before used to.
We used to have a cat, but he died last year.
I always used to walk to work until I bought a car.
Where did you use to live?
NB use to cannot express present habitual behaviour.
I usually not use to play tennis twice a week.
C Would + infinitive is used to refer to past habits, but not past situations.
Frequency adverbs are placed after would.
Habit: My father would often read to me when I нажмите для продолжения a young boy.
Situation: I used to not would have a bicycle.
Unit 2 Indirect ways of asking questions A number of expressions can be used to ask questions in a more indirect way.
Indirect questions can sound more polite than direct ones.
Could you tell me what time it is?
Would you mind telling me where he works?
When asking indirect questions the same word order is used as when we make statements.
The auxiliary verbs, do, does and did, are omitted.
If or whether is used if there is no question word such as where, what, why, when, who and how.
Object: I find shopping for clothes really boring.
Complement: My favourite sport is swimming.
Unit 1 Habitual behaviour in the present A The present simple is used for habitual actions or permanent situations in the present.
I go for a run twice a week.
She lives near the park.
B Frequency adverbs are used to indicate how often an action occurs.
They are usually placed: 1 before the main verb.
I always go to bed before midnight.
She is very often late for work.
They have rarely been seen together.
Occasionally we go out to the cinema, but usually we stay in and watch a DVD.
NB always, rarely, seldom, hardly ever and never cannot be used in the same way.
Farm vets have to do some pretty unpleasant things sometimes.
I see Paul at work посмотреть еще day and from time to time we have lunch together.
Alternatives 1 The present continuous + always is used to talk about things which occur frequently and which the speaker finds annoying.
British people tend to drink tea rather than coffee.
I tend not to get up very early on Sundays.
Frequency adverbs can also be added.
I hardly ever went away on holiday when I was young.
C The infinitive without to is used: 1 after modal verbs.
To is optional if an infinitive is used after help.
Classical music helps me to relax.
D Gerunds and infinitives after verbs 1 Verb + gerund: Have you finished cleaning your room?
My job enables me to use my language skills.
However, the infinitive with to is also possible with little, if any, difference in meaning.
The infinitive with to is common after hate for specific situations, and after like when it means be in the habit of.
I hate to interrupt, but we really must be going.
I like to have a shower when I get home from work.
Instead, not remember is used.
Unit 3 Comparisons A Forms 1 Regular one-syllable adjectives: a add -er and -est to the adjective.
Adjective Comparative Superlative cheap cheaper the cheapest Other examples: clean, dark, light, short, tall, slow b add -r and -st to adjectives ending in -e.
Of course, I refused.
But of course, when we got to the church and I saw all the other guests in their smart new clothes and expensive hats, I just felt really, really stupid and embarrassed.
The bride and groom looked quite surprised when they saw me, so I spent most of the time at the reception trying to avoid them.
Speaker 2 We really had no other option but to send her home to get changed, dye her hair back and take out the nose stud.
We have rules and the rules are there to prepare young people for the reality of the world of work.
We insist on uniform from the first day until the last, and that includes when sitting exams.
Speaker 3 … Indeed attitudes were already beginning to change in the first half of the century.
In 1919, the young French star Suzanne Lenglen caused a sensation at the British championships by wearing a calf-length, sleeveless dress.
Her unconventional, yet practical clothing shocked spectators, who were used to seeing women play in the long heavy dresses which were typical of that period.
She silenced her critics, however, by beating her opponents and going on to win several major titles.
Speaker 4 He clearly has ability.
You only have to look at his examination results to see that.
No, what concerns me is his appearance.
If he really is a serious candidate and we decide to take him on, then he will have to get used to wearing something a little more formal.
So I thought about it for ages, what I was going to go as and everything.
I spent more time thinking about my costume than about what present I was going to get for Jane.
W: Four I think.
This one here, the flat in Brighton, the country cottage, and … M: … and the villa in Spain.
W: Well, you know Mike.
But he did say he might settle down one day — stay in one place.
And you know how much he likes Spain.
I need to do something to help me relax … Well, I wanted to do yoga, but the class is on Friday and I play squash then.
And 5 I saw they do Pilates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which would be ideal for me … I know.
M: I usually wake up before the alarm goes off.
W: That sounds worse.
I take the dog out for a walk, talk to him about this and that … W: You talk to your dog?
I find that much harder to cope with first thing in the morning.
Colour, style, fashion — it all mattered to them.
I was positively scruffy by comparison.
The world today is faster and more dynamic than when our great- grandparents were alive, but as a result, life is often more stressful and unhealthy.
Self-help books offer people the hope of finding a solution to their problems, improving their health and well-being, and generally making their lives better.
The author of Back to basics says his book will help you achieve all these things in a matter of weeks.
You just clipped your first slide!
Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.
Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

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