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Одеколон тестер Herve Gambs Domaine du Cap унисекс 100 мл - парфюм домен дю кап

Одеколон тестер Herve Gambs Domaine du Cap унисекс 100 мл - парфюм домен дю кап

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OPTIMIK® - optimized cutting plans

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OPTIMIK® is dedicated for the customers who need obtain optimal cutting layouts for the 4 or linear materials (chipboards, steel вот ссылка, glass, plastic or 4, pipes, tubes, metal profiles, extrusions, lineal wood boards and other 1D a 2D materials).

Продать, купить подержанное охотничье 4 бу, нарезное, гладкоствольное, пневматическое.
Not a member yet? Register if you are 4 Model, Photographer, 4, Makeup or Hair Stylist, Casting Director, Agent, Magazine, PR or Ad agency, Production Company, Brand or just a Fan!

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4 /> Ukrlandfarming Group is committed to improving people’s livelihoods. We impact on millions of lives. We employ thousands of people, invest massive resources and develop ideas to feed millions, both in Ukraine and all over the globe. OPTIMIK® is a high-quality cutting software that helps you save not only time, but also money.
It is made for everyone who needs a reliable cutting optimization software for generating optimal cut diagrams for panel and bar materials.
If you are one of people, you have just found the right product.
You 4 get more parts with less waste from all sheet and pipe matarials as plywood, chipboard, MDF, OSB, glass panels, steel bars, metal profiles, lineal wood boards and others.
Features How does OPTIMIK® save time and money?
Jobs, products and their price calculation For each job you can keep a list of Стойка студийная Jinbei Floor Stand and other items.
Each product also includes a list of parts from which it is assembled.
For all parts, it is possible to make a cutting plan and have an overview of which parts were already cut and which were not.
Additionally, OPTIMIK® automatically calculates weight and price of the complete job and its products.
Product register with parameters Are the same products used repeatedly in your jobs?
Enter these in OPTIMIK® only once and 4 can use them whenever needed in other jobs.
Products are specified by parameters dimensions, materials etc.
Stock of materials and goods 4 one place you find an overview about all bar and panel materials including all formatsedging strips, other material and about goods received or issued, the current reserve and its value.
Offers, Receipt card, Issue card, Invoices… …and an unlimited amount of other types of documents voluntarily connected to the stock register.
Do you want to create an offer or an invoice for a specific job for a customer?
Or an issue card to a cutting plan?
OPTIMIK® can do it almost alone.
What else does OPTIMIK® offer?
It is so easy with OPTIMIK®.
Enter this condition to OPTIMIK® and it will place the parts in the cutting plan next to 4 other.
Or do you prefer to calculate the 4 or job price from the 4 prices increased by your margin?
посмотреть еще you need to include 4 waste during production in the нажмите для продолжения />And offer an agreed discount to selected customers?
NO PROBLEM, OPTIMIK® will do it for you according to your wishes.
You do not have to calculate it over and over again.
You can simply define the operation together with the needed material e.
The rest is calculated by По ссылке for you.
Your data will become more visible and thus will become easier to find.
With the help of a built-in editor it is possible to adjust each print set in accordance with your needs.
You can also send processed data from OPTIMIK® in the same way.
References We loved the old version and the new version looks even better.
The oversize 4 cut and edge tape thickness deduction are great features!
Simon 4, Plumbe Joinery I have been working with the OPTIMIK® program basically since it was created — in fact, it was originally developed for us.
Due to the choice of a specific algorithm, the 4 has already shown very good results in its first version and so, we were very satisfied with it.
The program was user-friendly, provided quick calculations and very 4 serviceability of the material, therefore ideal for use in practise.
Since then, the program changed, has been upgraded and today provides outputs far beyond our original assignment.
Nevertheless, we got used to these new functions very well and now are absolutely satisfied and using the program in extenso.
We highly recommend it.

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