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Парфюмерия Nina Ricci L`Air du Temps 100 ml EDT

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Парфюмерия Nina Ricci L`Air du Temps 100 ml EDT

L air du Temps Nina Ricci 100 мл. ЕДТ.


Парфюмерия Nina Ricci L`Air du Temps 100 ml EDT

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L'Air du Temps Eau de Parfum | booksarchive.ru®

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Nina Ricci LAir увидеть больше Temps EDT is the original fragrance from Nina Ricci, launched way back in 1948 that has remained a 3 perfume choice for women, becoming a 3 and classic fragrance.

Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps L'Air du Temps 100 ml eau de parfum pour femme eau de parfum | 100 % authentiques à des prix imbattables. Parfums Nina Ricci 3 stock dans votre 3 en ligne notino.be.

Парфюмерия Nina Ricci L`Air du Temps 100 ml EDT

Lair du Temps by Nina Ricci for Women - 1.7 oz EDT Spray (Packaging May Vary).

Nina Читать больше L'Air du Temps Perfume for Women 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray
See and discover other items: nina ricci l air 3 temps Disclaimer : While we work to ensure that product 3 is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists.

Парфюмерия Nina Ricci L`Air du Temps 100 ml EDT

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L'Air du Temps (Eau de Toilette) is a popular 3 by Nina 3 for women and was released in 1948.

Парфюмерия Nina Ricci L`Air du Temps 100 ml EDT

The scent is floral-powdery. It is still in produ. 3

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L’AIR DU TEMPS de Nina Ricci est une fragrance aux notes absolument florales.

3 par ses caractéristiques olfactives, elle est idéale à tout moment de la journée et peut être portée à toute saison.

L’air du temps perdure sur la peau de manière durable tout au long de la journée.
L'Air du Temps is my favorite perfume, and I have worn it for at least 40 years. Has a heavenly, light scent that smells wonderful and does not aggravate my 3, as so 3 scents have done since I've gotten older.

Please never discontinue it.
Pour une femme libre, sensuelle, moderne et 3.

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3 Un parfum féminin floral qui a été lancé en 2011. Basé sur les valeurs de L'Air du 3, L'Air de Nina Ricci est une eau de parfum dans une belle bouteille très semblable à son prédécesseur mais en rose, 100ml et 3 vaporisateur.

Парфюмерия Nina Ricci L`Air du Temps 100 ml EDT

L'air Du Temps by Nina Ricci Perfume. Pamper yourself by dabbing on a bit of L'air Du Temps by Nina Ricci. Created in 1948, this natural scent is the right choice for women who want to surround themselves in an air of luxury.

This ambrosial fragrance is a perfect blend of floral L'Air du Temps Eau de Toilette is a popular perfume by for women and was released in.
The scent is floral-powdery.
It is still in production.
Top Notes Bergamot, Neroli, Peach, Rosewood, Spices Heart Notes Carnation, May rose, Ylang-ylang, Iris, Orchid, Lily Base Notes Sandalwood, Musk, Vetiver, Benzoin, Cedar, Ambergris, Moss Is it me or the noses of Prince Matchabelli copied the notes from L'Air du Temps for their Windsong to me they smell simular to another with the same powdery notes.
I have been tempted many times over the years to purchase a bottle of L'AIR du TEMPS, but always held back because привожу ссылку the ridiculous cast plastic cap.
I am extremely surprised how good the fragrance actually smells!
I https://booksarchive.ru/100/raritan-dpx-wss-35-kit.html the scent of smelling my grandmother for the first time we went for a walk together.
Again and again such a great and interesting spicy scent rose in my nose.
D Until I understood then that, the pleasant and yet so feminine scent страница my grandmother came.
I looked at my grandmother and told her that she would smell very good and then she said that she had been given perfume by my uncle for her birthday.
After the nice walk together we went back to her home, she went to the bathroom and opened her little perfume cupboard and gave me a sooo sweet and at the same time such a beautiful bottle in the hand: The bottle seemed very familiar to me because I saw it more often in the perfumery.
I asked my grandmother if I could spray it on my wrist and she said that I could wear it whenever I wanted if it would please me on my skin: D.
So I sprayed myself then nicely generously on the wrist.
He's not too penetrating, he doesn't sting his nose and above all he doesn't annoy anyone!
I can almost say that once you've smelt it, you don't forget it that fast anymore:D Alone when I think of the scent itself, I can almost smell it; Нажмите сюда smell the spicy notes very intensively with the fragrance.
The spicy notes do not sting.
It's just all so harmonious!
Also the spicy notes give a light warmth which provides a pleasant aura, especially on cold days.
Iris also there again very nice pleasant and nice powdery : With many powdery scents I get headaches very fast but with this one it is completely different.
I usually only smell of older ladies.
Most of the floral scents I know so well, especially those of today, are personally too boring for me or simply penetrating!
I think the fragrance is very suitable for everyday life or also for the church:D No idea how I come up with it.
But no matter:D H+S is also great!
Find you can't complain about that either: I've known LÀir du Temps for ages, since I was a teenager in the nineties.
But only as a bottle.
From advertisements in fashion magazines and from Schlecker the only drugstore in town at that time.
I don't even know if I ever tested him back then.
And if it was, it was too tender for me.
At that time I was only into real firecrackers like Opium, Lou Lou, Poison and the like.
It stayed that way for a long time, until I was in my mid-thirties, slowly becoming interested in classics and chypre and slowly discovering https://booksarchive.ru/100/dj-stantsii-komplekti-kontrolleri-pioneer-ddj-sz2.html the classics for myself.
And I'm far from done with it!
Too many beauties of the past are still waiting to be discovered.
Back to LÀir du Temps before I digress too much.
LÀir du Temps shows the elegance of the forties, was at that time probably very "En Vogue", whereby the meaning of the name "Zeitgeist" fits very well.
In the 1940s, slightly militant costumes with broad shoulders and knee-length skirts were modern.
The Second World War had also affected смотрите подробнее />After the end of the WWII the fashion slowly became more playful, softer and more girlish again.
This also reflects LÀir du Temps well, I think.
It radiates a certain lightness, like a relief after the turmoil of the hard times and the finally looking forward.
LÀir du Temps has a slightly powdery-floral character.
But everything remains discreet.
The flowers are never too flowery, увидеть больше powder remains delicate Сковорода BS-28-I 28 см not too dusty.
Something creamy could be imputed to him.
It begins with bergamot of a gentle spiciness.
Carnation is easy to recognise.
I like carnations very much as a fragrance and also as flowers.
All the flowers look rather delicate and I can't really recognize them individually except for the carnation and a hint of lily but only very delicate, not at all acetic.
In the base I can see a subtle oak moss note, soft sanded wood and a hint ссылка на продолжение warming ambergris.
The fragrance is dreamlike and gentle and yet has depth.
However, I can only report on an older version, I describe here the cylindrical, transversely ribbed EdT bottle with golden cap.
I don't know exactly when the bottle was made, but I guess it's at least twenty years old.
Then I have two flacons of Extrait.
Once also in a grooved cylinder with intact contents and once in an old Lalique bottle with only one dove from the fifties or sixties the same bottle as on Florblanca's perfume photo The contents are over, smells alkaholic and causes skin redness on me.
I keep this bottle for viewing only.
He's a piece of jewelry already.
If it was reformulated in the meantime, I can't say for sure, but I guess so.
Once I briefly tested the current EdT at DM, didn't find it so bad, but this depth, 3 he had приведу ссылку all the ease, he didn't seem to have anymore.
LÀir du Temps is a wonderful fragrance that is always easy to wear and that I don't want to miss in my collection anymore.
Often it was the glass flacon with the pigeons on the lid, but I also remember faceted flacons.
My girlfriends and I didn't like using it.
Too old-fashioned and too old-fashioned, he seemed to us.
Back in those days, ages ago, Impulse deodorant was our best seller.
We dieselled ourselves in from top to bottom with it.
Several times a day and paved the way for LVeB.
The changing rooms of the schools are still contaminated with deodorant residues.
L'Air du Temps, on the other hand, always seemed uninteresting to us.
Too green, too much chypre, bitter, buzzing through my head.
Yesterday was a very hot day.
A latecomer in 3 summer of the century and I was on my way to buy a little something and my husband the beloved Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.
In the shelf of the shop stood then also this white flacon, a tester.
Even though the price of the bottle has certainly deteriorated, i.
This plain white can, almost like the Impulse Deos.
I sprayed it on and found it very beautiful, flowery, fresh, really a white fragrance, only slightly bitter and not too bitter or strict.
Not penetrating by white 3 alone, but also nice and soft and spicy-sweet.
Ylang Ylang I smell out and the carnation, whereby here not only 3 carnation, but also the clove smells.
The fragrance 3 delicate powdery and quite neutral, almost cool.
I sprayed 6 times, because it seemed so refreshing at the high temperature.
And I wasn't looked at stupidly at the cash register and the baker afterwards.
The fragrance changed as it became softer and softer.
A light powdery touch.
I thought if it was so refreshing for me, then it would be something for the summer holiday and even the white, small, robust bottle could not get out of my head.
No, I didn't have anything in mind for this summer So I went out at night and bought the scent.
He's barely in town anymore.
A mistake, I mean.
He's an excellent match for the spirit of the times.
For some time now I have been observing a return to old values, an awareness of old values.
Apparently some people are afraid of losing their culture because many different cultures mix, but one culture is in your heart and only you can pass it on to others and live it.
If she's good, she'll win through.
What is good is always accepted by others.
And that explains the long success of L'Air du Temps.
Delicate, calm, light, floating, like two white pigeons whispering in the air.
The white dove is not only a sign of peace but also a symbol of wisdom.
And that's going to prevail too.
So I'm looking forward to the summer holiday 2018 with the white can in my luggage.
L'Air du Temps smells almost.
Strangely, the clove in this is light and feminine rather than musky or masculine.
This is likely due to clove's pairing with its perfect match - carnation.
Strangely, the rose and iris also lend a powdery quality.
I'm confused as to how all of these competing textures are happening at once, but it's an olfactive experience quite unlike all others!
Though L'Air seems a bit thick and syrupy to me now, in 1948 it probably was light and airy compared to some of the other popular sillage bombs of the продолжить />I did not want to go through the trials and tribulations of evaluating the changes in the new L'Air du Temps and asking myself " Mais ou sont les neiges d'antan?
Beautiful and full bodied.
Even the bottle looked like a heavy crystal.
The younger generation of perfume users may https://booksarchive.ru/100/blesna-blue-fox-vibrax-hot-pepper-1-tsv-cyr.html have experienced the beauty of vintage "L'Air du temps".
This fragrance forged the international reputation of Nina Ricci as a producer of fine perfumes and was bottled in magnificently unique vessels by Lalique.
No wonder "L'Air du temps" became a classic like other unforgettable Nina Ricci perfumes "Farouche", "Nina".
Fortunately, some perfumeries like Roja Dove's "Urban Retreat" in London still sell some Nina Ricci perfume-extraits in their precious chrystal vessels.
The current "L'Air du продолжение здесь Eau de toilette which comes in a glass container with a plastic cap on it is no longer the once marvellously romantic scent.
Nevertheless, it still retains about 40% of its brilliance, and smelling it today I'm glad it survived in a world of fragrances that frequently seem to copy each other.
Sadly, the spicy carnation is only a shadow of its old self, but probably the original formula was too expensive and considered too nostalgic for today's sober lifestyles.
The reformulated version is very soft and light, reminding me of pastel silk veils wafting poetically about in the twilight under trails of weeping willows.
Much better than some the usual fruity-floral stinkers of the season, таких Тренчкот ARMANI EXCHANGE 6GZL02 ZNPBZ 1200 жгут a "tragic" reformulation quoting from Sherapop's excellent review for those who knew and loved the old "L'Air du temps".
My mother always had a great nose for grand perfumes.
This one was one of her favorites and smelled always great on her.
Unfortunately it's also one of the few that I own but never wear.
It simply doesn't suit me.
I tried so hard to like it but the smell becomes watery yet obnoxious on me.
It's a pity, but alas.
If it works on your skin consider yourself lucky!
For its florals that become a powdery bouquet of something musky, is recognizable and the bottle is very pretty on your beauty table.
I have been tempted many times over the years to purchase a bottle of L'AIR du TEMPS, but always held back because of the ridiculous cast plastic cap.
But the utter tackiness of this weird piece of plastic on top of a beautiful bottle just screamed "bad perfume"!
I finally decided to take the plunge, which was easier to do over the internet, since I did not have to actually touch the plastic top, but only look at it.
Perhaps I managed just prior to hitting the "buy" button to convince myself that it was really made of crystal after all.
And what I learned during today's test fest is that I have known MANY women who wear this fragrance.
It's clearly a safe choice: a light, 3 mingling of small flowers among a modicum of mild fruits in an initially quite harmonious way.
Yes, my feelings were rather positive at the initial spritz, when I became immediately convinced that this was a floral aldehyde--albeit much more floral than aldehyde.
The second stage was less happy, I am sorry to report: I found myself thinking about the Elvis Costello line "cheap cut satin and bad perfume," while daydreaming about strolling down the fragrance aisle of Walgreen's.
During that middle phase I realized that there was something awry--something tawdry, something cheap, going on.
Perhaps it is something peculiar to the reformulation?
I am aware that L'AIR DU TEMPS is renowned as a great classic.
But somehow it missed the mark in the middle stage of my day.
The final phase has been quite pleasant.
I do not feel 3 need to go scrub down, and I'm back to liking this eau de toilette once again.
But the middle phase may keep my 3.
Not to mention, but I will: the plastic doves, which 3 further marred by an air bubble right in the middle of the cap!
Note: this review is of the reformulation currently available in drugstores everywhere L'Air du Temps is a soapy floral like hundreds of others out there, such as Je Reviens.
The only thing that makes this any bit interesting is нажмите чтобы узнать больше carnation, which I enjoy but comes off as old-fashioned.
If L'Air du Temps was powdery rather than soapy, dark rather than bright, it would be outstanding.
But as it is, it's just.
Is it me or the noses of Prince Matchabelli copied the notes from L'Air du Temps for their Windsong to me they smell simular to another with the same powdery notes.
I admire the notes very well they seem the carry without the headache inducing cloying effect in a lot of perfumes what's missing in my opinion is the note of aldehyde and it's predomint to my nose it's a gentile very suble aldehyde not sharp and dry like in allmost all perfumes then dries to an spicy note of 3 carnation.
The refreshing note of the bergamot and the brightness of the neorli plant makes it shine, the delecate rose just blends in the backround dries to an powdery nuance of purple Violet grounded orris and exotic spices to lift up the senses.
The drydown consists of iris and Warm Sandalwood with sweet amber and musk.
This is a symbol of PostWar Https://booksarchive.ru/100/cep-wingtech.html Coutore and the White Dove Resembles peace and the doves from the top of the flacon conjournes an image of a woman with red hair her hair piled in a coif of the 1940's wearing an burgandy squaired sholdered dress with an carnation right at her blouse wearing a hat of a motif of pure white doves siting at an parisian caffee Ala Rita Hayworth.
A Beautiful Scent for an Beautiful Soul This fragrance is what I'd call a peachy floral.
It's quite airy and fresh, and in my opinion, something that not many people will expect from a 40's fragrance.
L'Air du Temps has a strange opening.
I can only describe the top notes as having a very strong soapy smell, which isn't very clean, refreshing or appealing.
For a moment I wondered why this was such a popular scent.
Then came the array of florals and spicy notes, supplanting the reason why L'Air du Temps is still on the shelves.
Peach, rose and carnation are 3 dominant here.
They give off a rich and distinctive smell which is only complimented by the subtle hints of clove and rosemary.
Heading towards the drydown, L'Air du Temps becomes increasingly powdery and warm.
The spices become much stronger as the vetiver note commands attention.
On my skin the drydown is quite sweet, however on paper the scent can be quite loud and harsh.
The lasting strength источник brilliant.
It lasted all day and even after a long shower.
I don't think this scent will appeal to everyone, so it's best to try before buying.
However, I have a lot of time for this scent.
It is unfortunate that I cannot try L'Air du Temps prior to its reformulation.
The bottle I had of this in the '70s was so distinctive; what a watery shocker the latest version.

Парфюмерия Nina Ricci L`Air du Temps 100 ml EDT

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