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Наушники Earsonics SM2 iFI

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Наушники Earsonics SM2 iFI

вставные (затычки);арматурные;количество драйверов: 2;чувствительность 116 дБ/мВт;импеданс 44 Ом


EARSONICS In-Ear Monitors

Nov 12, 2015 · The Earsonics SM2-IFI comes in a matte black box with the cherry red IEMS resting the signature foam inserts.

EarSonics SM2-iFI Review | Major HiFi

Customary of Earsonics, there are several different sized including 2 pairs of black silicone double flange tips, the provided grey double flange tips, 2 pairs foam ear продолжение здесь and a pair of flat blunted tips.

Mar 09, 2018 · Today I wandered into the office to find the EarSonics SM2-iFI waiting for a review.

Наушники Earsonics SM2 iFI

This earphone rocks two drivers and retails for a solid $299. Straight of France, EarSonics has popped up on my radar before – but mostly in relation to their custom offerings.

But, Mon Dieu!, stock SM2 delivers fantastic sound, too!
The SM2-IFI was born from the desire to provide audio high-end access читать статью, at very competitive price with quality component.

Earsonics ES2 & ES3 ReviewHeadfonia Headphone Reviews

Also, preserving the EarSonics spirit. Characteristics The SM2-IFI EarSonics offer the best choice to enter high-end audio listening.
Apr 09, 2017 · A little later I had SM64, SM2-IFI EarSonics Velvet in use.

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On the last two models, I have already written reviews. I tell about all model range, it at EarSonics is very wide, but all the above-mentioned IEM had their unforgettable, unique handwriting. Наушники Earsonics SM2 iFI

Review on TLN. VELVET. review on Les Numériques.

Наушники Earsonics SM2 iFI

VELVET. Review on Headfonics.

Наушники Earsonics SM2 iFI

EarSonics SAS ZAE Via Domitia, Avenue Des Gardians 34160 CASTRIES. источник /> Apr 21, 2012 · This is my unboxing of the Earsonics SM3 v2, i decided to get these for one nobody on youtue has a video for these two i wanted them.

EarSonics SM2-iFI Review | Major HiFi

Anyway guys i hope you enjoy and plan to make reviews.
PHILOSOPHYThe SM2-IFI was born from the desire to provide high-end universal in-ear access, at a посетить страницу источник competitive price while preserving the EarSonics spirit.

Description Features Specifications DESIGN The SM2-IFI EarSonics offers the ideal solution to enter the high-end audio listening.With a new sound design
Dec 11, 2016 · Despite the fact our website is chock full of Earsonics reviews this is actually first time I have personally reviewed an Earsonics IEM myself.

Наушники Earsonics SM2 iFI

Technically I have two in the office right now, the ES-2 and ES-3, so there will be another review in the not too distant future on the ES-2 with a.
Nov 02, 2012 · Pair it with Colorfly C4 Pro audiophile player or a the Amp911 nomade headphone amplifier, and you will be in heaven.

In 2011, Earsonics introduced this version, the v2, which features strong replaceable cable and new, more sturdy.

EARSONICS In-Ear Monitors

The SM2 v2 is designed to the rigours of the stage, and fulfil all the desires of audiophiles.
Earsonics est une entreprise française très réputée dans le milieu scénique, mais connue du grand public. (EM2-iFI) Reste les musiciens.

Наушники Earsonics SM2 iFI

Earsonics SM2 face à ses concurrents. Today I wandered into the office to find the EarSonics SM2-iFI waiting for a review.
Straight out of France, EarSonics has popped up on my radar before — but mostly in relation to their custom offerings.
Https://booksarchive.ru/naushniki/elektronnaya-vikroyka-burda-uzkoe-plate-113.html These earphones come with a small, minimalist case and some eartips.
No bells and whistles.
No extraneous stuff to lug around.
The design is ergonomic — and decently comfortable, />Although they can be a bit uncomfortable to adjust at first, once situated the earphones feel natural inside my ears.
Cabling strikes me as fairly robust, utilizing a 2-pin connection type and перейти design.
The stock earphone cable ends in 3.
Specs Frequency Range: 20-19,000 Hz Impedance: 44 ohms Sound Pressure Level SPL : 116 dB As we can see from specs, the SM2 to a fairly standard frequency range of 20-19,000 Hertz.
Impedance stands at 44 ohms low enough to work with a low-output device, but high enough to still benefit from amplification.
Finally, sound pressure level tops out at 116 decibels — more than enough to deliver adequate volume.
Low End Yielding solid detail, the low end of the SM2 more than holds its own.
Bass is lively with ample impact, but not too overpowered or overwhelming.
In general the whole low end strikes me as being lifelike and relatively https://booksarchive.ru/naushniki/naushniki-sonun-sn-337mp.html />Mids In thethe SM2 offers fidelity in spades.
You still get the details, but with smooth highs that never verge on piercing or uncomfortable.
Admittedly, vocals seem slightly less because ofbut the sound remains decent and particularly sweet where instrumentation is concerned.
Soundstage Soundstage comes across as a mixed bag on the SM2 — EarSonics delivers good depth in this earphone, but placement seems a tad bit off.
A common failing of most earphone designs, the soundstage should still be considered decent for the price.
Other Observations Comfortable design.
Usually my eyes roll at the mention of an ergonomic earphone.
That being said, the SM2 delivers on the claim, вот ссылка I could rock this natural fit all day long.
Cabling is no joke either, with braiding reinforcing the basic construction.
Recommendations Built like a tank and offering a decent sound, the SM2 provides clear benefit продолжение здесь those who want decent lows and mids with a relaxed high end.
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