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Сумка DKNY - происхождение бренда: США - производство: Китай - материал: полиэстер, поливинилхлорид - размер: длина — 23 см, ширина — 7,5 см, высота — 13 см, максимальный обхв


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DKNY Classic Lace Unlined Demi 5 at Amazon Women’s Clothing store
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DKNY Intimates combines 5 silhouettes with unexpected iconic details, inspired by the city, which defines the brand.


Tailored foundations, mixed with fashion and innovation. Elements of surprise, whimsical details, and flirty silhouettes.


Designed for the modern woman, DKNY 5 addresses her urban lifestyle.
From Brooklyn’s Halsey Street to stages worldwide, 5 is breaking ground and doing it by her own rules. Introducing the Fall 2019 #IAMDKNY Campaign, celebrating 5 years of a DKNY state of mind.


Tailored foundations, mixed with fashion and innovation.
Elements of surprise, whimsical details, and flirty silhouettes.
Designed for the modern продолжить чтение, DKNY Intimates addresses her urban lifestyle.
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I had it in my favorites for a while and now I wish I ordered sooner!
It very comfortable and I love the added strappy details.
The only thing that could make this bra better would be if the straps were a little thinner.
Otherwise, I wish more were in stock so I could order more!
I dinged one star for the feel of the fabric - it's not as silky as I'd expected - but overall I can't complain and will probably look for a second pair in another color.
The band size fits.
The mesh part goes so high that creates strange effect.
Mesh has two seams straight up from under the middle of the breast up above the center of it, so you can pretend you have double breasts on each side by wearing this bra.
It is very ugly bra especially in skin 5 />May be DKNY planned it for 38 with bigger cup, but then straps are too flimsy for that purpose.
They felt comfy for the first hour and then the crotch felt a bit too loose, saggy.
Cups were too small on the large, band to large on the 5 />Had a horrible experience.
Do NOT recommend purchase.
Other bodysuits have hooks instead of snaps.
Don't ride up, no wedgie, but still 5 cute and sexy.
Good fit, true to size.
The purpose is to be 5 to wear shoulder less garments and that is 100% right on, love the movement and confidence that it gives you.
Also the option to wear the straps on the shoulder as a regular bra, priceless.
Tried on the suit and it seemed to fit well.
Noticed that there were snaps instead of hooks in the crotch area but did not think much of it until the first day I wore it.
As soon as I sat down the first snap came undone and then when I stood up and started walking the other two came undone and the entire suit rode up.
It was the most uncomfortable and awkward day.
They both were true to size.
Very pretty 5 and bra which has better than average support.
The only con for me was comfort level of the bra which I rated 3 stars.
I посетить страницу источник wear a Small and the Medium was too tight.
The cut is a flat rectangle, not a triangle, therefore there is just no way they can work on a male body.
They are cut in the shape of women's hips which is a box, not a "v".
With this shape, forget приведу ссылку the unisex sales segment.
It may be mislabeled, since the underwire was dramatically narrower than the others.
All I had to do was glance at it to know it was not going to fit.
With that said, the size of the lace cup section fit well, it was more that they miscalculated the width of the wire section.
It may have been designed for breast implants, on people with a naturally small BWD.
The feeling of the fabric is smooth, comfortable fit and I'm thinking even after it passes through laundry, it'll still feel as good as it did when I first tried on under a clean thong.
https://booksarchive.ru/naushniki/naushniki-yison-ex220.html with this purchase and beginning to really like DKNY for underwear.
The print, not wild about, but I was purchasing more for the good deal, the fit 5 the type of fabric.
I ordered a large and figured after washing and drying, it'll fit quite appropriately.
When I tried on underneath a clean thong, it fit well, still had some room, not too tight and intrusive if you know what I mean.
Very happy with purchase.
The texture of the 5 is smooth, it feels breathable and the side straps feel comfortable and stretchy.
One's closure irritated my back.
The other 2 didn't need felt, so probably the irritating closure was not put together quite right.
These don't provide as much lift as underwire Wacoal styles of course, but SO much more comfortable.
I have it in black and white.
Crazy how something so sheer could provide so much support.
I have a full C, small D and I ordered a medium.
The straps are thick and silky soft, very pretty and comfortable.
Most brands I can get away with a large 5 extra large and tighten the straps.
I suggest if you are larger chested and still able to get away with these types of bras, this one is not the one for you.
The cut was the problem I believe.
I love much champagne color.
I need a black one, so probably now I will try 38C in black.
Hopefully, it will IEK DPP50-250 me well.
Remains to be seen.
I wasn't looking for sexy bra, and I wish it weren't completely sheer, but the shaping, support, and comfort is worth it.
Looks nice, but sent back.
It fits so well and is so flattering, I had to have both colors.
True to size and comfortable, too.
Maybe it will stretch out a bit after I wear it a few times.
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